Antiwar Comedy Shorts

From 2016 to 2019 I made a series of eight short films portraying the absurdity of war. (Since most of mankind can't seem to see it.) These films won 20 awards and appeared 150 times in festivals, with several festivals accepting more than one film. (Minsk, Belarus took five, and a festival in Japan accepted four.) The films also screened to an appreciative audience at the 2019 annual convention of Veterans for Peace.

Here's Your Flag - 6:06

Gonna Be a Soldier - 6:09

The Finger on the Button - 3:35

G.I. Hospital (bleeped) - 5:45

Cadence (bleeped) - 3:46

Truth in Recruiting - 6:41

We Saved Private Ryan - 2:25

Block This Caller - 8:49

Go to the YouTube channel to watch the uncensored versions of “G.I. Hospital and “Cadence”

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