Jonny Lewis

screenwriter / director /actor

I love acting, because it allows me to become a different person. I love writing scripts, because I can create worlds. I love filmmaking, for the joy of coming together with others toward a common goal.
I won 27 awards (20 appear on IMDb)) for my short films—which appeared in over 150 festivals worldwide—while also looking after my elderly mother in Michigan from 2014 until November 2019. I’ve now switched my focus to writing feature films. I have seven scripts currently in process: six comedies and one drama. Also, an eminent neuroscientist has written two-thirds of a sci-fi thriller, and asked me to finish it for her. Finally, I completed one script a few years back, and will be updating it based on forthcoming reviewer comments.


November 2020:

I decided to take a few of the wonderful actors I’ve worked with before and go shoot an ultra low budget film (i.e., one I can finance myself) in Idaho. I immediately picked Patty Kelley and Luba Chan. Then my DP/editor Jason Ferrell told me he had just been hired to go to Idaho to shoot some promo videos for a small resort, and that he could do location scouting while there. And we are off!
Visit the site – Waking Up in Idaho

August 2020:

On August 1 & 2, I wrote 26 pages of a feature comedy about two librarians, a Muslim, and a homeless guy. But it’s not about Muslims, or homeless people, and it’s certainly not about librarians. As my DP Jason Ferrell would say, “It’s about people…and people are interesting.”
Visit the site – The Library

July 2020:

From July 17 to 21, I wrote 52 pages of a script I’ve had in mind for a while: “The Grief Ranch.“ Six grieving people go to a special retreat for grief therapy, and the therapist doesn’t show up. My friend Barb lost her son many years ago, and she loves it. And no, they’re not rich folks. (Current page count is 65.)

July 2020:

Wrote a short romantic comedy to be shot in Japan, titled “When in Japan…” (郷 に 入っては、郷に従え). The film will be in Japanese, and I will be costarring. The script has been translated, and I’m learning the dialogue with my Japanese tutor now.

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