Jonny Lewis

screenwriter / director /actor

Shot my first feature film in the fall of 2021! I spent the summer living in Kamiah, Idaho writing the script for Waking Up in Idaho. We had “picture lock” recently, and the movie now goes on to color correction, foley, and audio mix. Composer David Raiklen has already given me sample music on several scenes.

I love acting, because it allows me to become a different person. I love writing scripts, because I can create worlds. I love filmmaking, for the joy of coming together with others toward a common goal.

I won 27 awards (20 appear on IMDb)) for my short films—which appeared in over 150 festivals worldwide—while also looking after my elderly mother in Michigan from 2014 until November 2019. I’ve now switched my focus to writing feature films. I have seven scripts currently in process: six comedies and one drama. A few others are in early development.