I’ve written dozens of short films and sketches, almost all comedies. Here is a small sampling of the 24 I’ve shot.

Here’s Your Flag

This is one of my eight Antiwar Comedy Shorts. An Army officer shows up at Mrs. Cavanaugh’s front door with a flag, asking if her son would prefer maple or mahogany. (“For the casket, ma’am.”) Her son just enlisted yesterday, but new computer algorithms have determined he’s going to die.


A doctor shows up at a woman’s front door and convinces her that she needs the medicine he’s selling. When I wrote this I was just trying to have fun. Only later did I realize that it’s a commentary on Big Pharma.

If you enjoy this one, you might enjoy the “Director Interview” for BUT I—, which was shot over Skype between Los Angeles and Tijuana. For that reason, the technical quality isn’t the best, but Lori Allen Thomas did a super job as a TV interviewer who is herself under the influence of something.”

The Bad News

Ever notice that the nightly news is all bad? Surely there must be “new” things that happen in the world that aren’t bad—but you wouldn’t know it from watching the bad news, delivered by cheery, smiling anchorpersons.

TV Programming

A few years ago I challenged myself to write 30 sketches in 30 days. (I did it, producing them in the form of simple animations.) My elderly mother had told me of a TV show she saw that opened up by showing decapitated heads on a front lawn. Who thinks we want to watch this type of thing? (And why does anyone?)