Just a few pix from some of the many acting experiences I’ve had over the years.

“Commander Biff” — I shot a video monologue in 2013 of Commander Biff, starting out with “War is hell—unless you’re in the Navy, and then it’s fun.” etc, etc.

From a San Diego 48-Hour Film Festival film, a very cool dark comedy called “Gasp.” At left is the DP, Bryan Levinh. Producers/directors were Linda Skeens and Patrick Burton. Far right is costar Kara Camden.

Scene from another San Diego 48-Hour Film Festival film I starred in for Patrick Burton and Linda Skeens, “You’re Not Funny.” I played a guy who in mid-life follows his dream to be a standup comedian. Unfortunately, he sucks.

I took a swordfighting class when I was in LA. One day they dressed us up in authentic garb (and a wig, in my case) for a staged swordfight involving about a dozen people. The beard is real.

I never had a beard (at least not a real one) in a film, but I like this headshot, from around 2009.

From the San Diego 48-Hour Film Festival’s dark comedy “Gasp.”

Around 2007 I had a role in Japanese director Kazuki Hirata’s short film about a skirmish in the Pacific in WWII.

With my buddy Jordan Preston, playing detectives in one of those crime reenactment shows. (2010)

Tijuana, 2013. Photo by my cinematographer, Jason Ferrell.

From San Diego 48-Hour Film Festival film, “Gasp.” (2013)

From my very first film, “The Story” (2004), by Cleve Lamison, in New York, with costar Monique Vukovic. She played a hooker. I played a guy whose wife was in the hospital. Guess what happens.

Around 2007 I put on a fake beard and played a British expat living in Mexico. We shot in the adorable little Mexican jungle town of Xilitla.

From the 2008 Russian mafia film. “Red Red Rope,” with writer/director David Watkins and costar Radu Vlad. I played the patriarch of a Russian mafia family, complete with 4 scenes in Russian (which I studied for a year in college). For the rest of the film I spoke English with a Russian accent. To this day I can switch in and out of a Russian accent in the middle of a sentence.

I lived in Tijuana from late 2010 to mid-2014. While there, I conducted an acting workshop in Spanish on the rooftop of a cafe by the ocean. We had lots of fun. I shot a short comedy in Spanish with two of these folks later, and we remain good friends to this day.