I have family in Japan, and an extended Japanese family through my son’s marriage to a Japanese woman. Also, I am enamored of the Japanese kanji writing system. Hence, I’ve written a short comedy to be shot in Japan, in Japanese, and am working on a feature comedy, set in 1854 Japan.

The feature (script in progress, producer acquired)
“Write it, Please” (書いて、下さい)

Chiyo says she can speak English and help make an important treaty for trade with the Americans. She actually only knows about ten words, but she figures her American counterpart will know Japanese. Guess again! He knows how to write the Kanji symbols, but not speak the words.

The short (script translated)
“When in Japan,…” (郷に入っては、郷に従え)

An American man in Japan tries to get a real American-style hug from his Japanese wife on their 30th anniversary. But she refuses, because it is not the custom—and he should know that by now. She loves him very much, but tradition is tradition!