Genre: Drama


Прошу прощения, что я не могу сделать эту страницу на русском языке, но сейчас я пишу еще шесть скриптов, и у меня нет времени. Пожалуйста, используйте Google Translate. — Jonny Lewis

The purpose of this film is to put personal faces into the stories of what is happening in Belarus.

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This is a private page for people invited to contribute to the creation of BELARUS (working title). If it gets to the point where this needs to be a collaborative site—allowing others to edit or add to it—I will have my site designer do that. When we are ready, we may also invite potential producers to see this page.

The Basics

This story will be written by a Belarusian writer (who, for now, will remain anonymous). I will put it into script form, then give it to her for feedback. We will do this as many times as necessary until we come up with a good draft script. We will then send the script to other Belarusians (and probably a Russian and a Ukrainian) for their input. I will do a rewrite (or one of them will) to come up with a final script. I initially saw this as an independent film or web series to be filmed by Belarusian filmmakers. Due to current constraints on those filmmakers, and possible threats to their safety, I now see it as a film that would be financed by producers in the West, and shot on location in some other Eastern European country that shares some of the architecture and other general characteristics of Belarus.


Being developed. But I was struck by the notion that some of the police doing the beating and the protesters being beaten must come from the same families. It is brothers beating brothers (and sisters), in service of a dictator who has no regard for any of them.


This is a brand new project, begun in late October 2020. I will post progress reports here as they come.

temporary sample scenes

These are just quick scenes I dashed off. I’m posting them temporarily, just to give some idea of the potential stories we can tell. I will remove these once we have more authentic scenes written by our Belarusian writer.

Kolya, Katya, Sasha

scene outline, in English

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“Коля, Катя, Саша”

план сцены, на русском

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“Let’s Wait” ・ ”Давайте ждать”

scene script, in Russian and English

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“Telltale Sign” ・ ”Контрольный Знак”

scene outline, in Russian and English

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